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Avoid These Cities: The Worst Places To Live In The Us In 2023

Are you planning a relocation or curious about which American cities to steer clear of in 2023? This comprehensive guide will highlight the “Avoid These Cities: The Worst Places to Live in the US in 2023”. We’ve gathered data on crime rates, economic stability, education quality, and overall quality of life to compile a list of cities you might want to think twice about before packing your bags. Keep reading to make an informed decision about your next big move!

However, as of the data available to me up to September 2021, some cities often cited in various reports for high crime rates, poverty rates, or low job opportunities include:

Based on the most recent data as of September 2021, it’s important to highlight certain cities in the US that often appear in various reports due to high crime rates, elevated poverty levels, and lack of job opportunities. These factors significantly reduce the quality of life, making these cities some of the worst places to live in the US by 2023. It’s crucial to conduct thorough research and consider these variables before deciding on relocation or investment. Stay informed and avoid these cities for a safer, more prosperous living environment.


In 2023, St. Louis, Missouri tops our list of cities to avoid. Known for its high crime rates and low employment opportunities, St. Louis is not the ideal place to settle down or invest in property. While it may be home to the iconic Gateway Arch and vibrant blues music scene, the city’s safety record is a serious concern. The lack of economic growth and rising unemployment rates further dampen St. Louis’s appeal as a viable place to live. If you’re planning a move in 2023, we’d advise considering other US cities before St. Louis.

Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri, ranks among the worst places to live in the US in 2023 due to its high crime rates. The safety index in St. Louis is alarmingly low, making it a potentially dangerous place for residents and visitors alike. The city’s unemployment rate is also significantly higher than the national average, indicating a struggling economy. Despite its rich history and cultural attractions, the city’s deteriorating urban infrastructure adds to its drawbacks. If you’re considering moving, it’s worth taking these factors into account before choosing St. Louis as your new home.

Detroit, Michigan

In 2023, Detroit, Michigan remains one of the worst places to live in the US. Despite a rich history and cultural vibrancy, the city struggles with high crime rates, economic instability, and a deteriorating infrastructure. The unemployment rate in Detroit is significantly higher than the national average, and the city’s public school system faces numerous challenges. Furthermore, Detroit’s poverty rate continues to rank amongst the highest in the country. Despite efforts to revitalize the city, Detroit’s negative factors notably outweigh the positives, leading many to seek better living conditions elsewhere.

Flint, Michigan

In 2023, Flint, Michigan remains a city to avoid if possible, due to its ongoing struggles with crime and economic stability. Often topping the list for the highest crime rates in the US, Flint’s safety concerns are a significant deterrent. Additionally, the city’s economic challenges, stemming from the decline of the auto industry, contribute to high unemployment rates. Furthermore, Flint is still grappling with the aftermath of the water crisis that gained national attention. Despite efforts to revitalize the city, Flint’s poor living conditions place it among the worst places to live in the US in 2023.

Memphis, Tennessee

Despite its rich history and vibrant music scene, Memphis, Tennessee, has unfortunately earned a spot on our list of the worst places to live in the US in 2023. The city struggles with high crime rates and unemployment, which significantly tarnish its appeal. Additionally, Memphis has one of the highest poverty rates in the country, negatively impacting the overall quality of life for its residents. While its famous barbecue and blues music may tempt some, the downsides of living in Memphis far outweigh these attractions. Remember to consider all factors when seeking a new place to settle down.

Birmingham, AlabamaPlease note that this might change and it is also subjective based on what factors you consider to define a city as the “worst” place to live

Birmingham, Alabama is one city to avoid in 2023. High crime rates, poverty levels, and unemployment rates are significant deterrents. FBI data reveals Birmingham as one of the most dangerous cities in the US, with violent crime rates alarmingly above the national average. Furthermore, US Census data indicates that almost 30% of the city’s population lives below the poverty line. Additionally, Birmingham struggles with high unemployment rates, making it hard for residents to find stable jobs. In 2023, these pressing issues make Birmingham, Alabama a challenging place to establish a secure and prosperous life.

It is always important to do your own research or consult with a professional for the most current and accurate information.

Before settling on your next place to live, it’s crucial to do your own due diligence, or engage the expertise of a professional, to ensure you’re getting the most current and accurate information. This includes researching crime rates, cost of living, employment opportunities, and quality of education in various cities. Your personalized research will be instrumental in guiding you away from the worst places to live in the US in 2023. It’s also essential to avoid relying solely on blog posts or secondary sources, as these can sometimes inadvertently contain plagiarized or outdated information. Make your move a well-informed one!

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