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The Best 5 Cities To Live In The Us For Liberal Families In 2023

Discover the top five U.S. cities perfect for liberal families seeking a welcoming and progressive environment in 2023. Our comprehensive guide explores diverse cities known for their inclusive communities, top-notch educational institutions, and vibrant cultural scenes. Whether you prioritize access to quality healthcare, environmental sustainability, or a politically progressive atmosphere, these cities offer a dynamic blend of all these and more. Stick around as we unveil the best U.S. cities to enrich the life of every liberal family in 2023.

San Francisco, California: Known for its progressive attitudes, diversity, and high standard of living

San Francisco, California, is undoubtedly a top choice for liberal families seeking to relocate in 2023. This vibrant city is renowned for its forward-thinking mindset, fostering a rich culture of diversity and inclusivity. Its residents enjoy a high standard of living, with top-notch healthcare and education facilities, numerous recreational areas, and a thriving economy. This city’s liberal charm is further enhanced by its strong commitment to environmental sustainability and social equality. So if you’re looking for a progressive city that aligns with liberal values, San Francisco, California, should certainly be on your radar.

The city is also famous for its strong education system and numerous cultural attractions.

In 2023, liberal families will find thriving communities in cities renowned for their robust education system and abundant cultural attractions. These cities, known for their progressive values, offer top-notch schools, universities, and educational facilities, providing children with the tools to thrive intellectually. Additionally, their diverse cultural scenes featuring museums, galleries, theaters, and music festivals, promise to enrich residents’ lives with art and creativity. These cities are a testament to the fact that a vibrant lifestyle, coupled with a progressive environment, cultivates a nurturing space for liberal families. This enticing blend of education and culture sets these cities apart as ideal living destinations in the US.

Portland, Oregon: This city is well-known for its liberal, forward-thinking ideals

As a haven for liberal families, Portland, Oregon, stands out in the U.S. This vibrant city embraces diversity, inclusivity, and progressive ideals that align perfectly with liberal values. Portland is renowned for its eco-conscious initiatives, thriving arts scene, and excellent educational opportunities. Its commitment to environmental sustainability and social justice makes it an ideal place for families seeking a progressive community. Moreover, Portland’s thriving economy, coupled with its strong support for LGBTQ+ rights and racial equality, offers a welcoming environment for liberal families. This city truly embodies the essence of a forward-thinking society, thus making it one of the best cities to live in for liberal families.

It’s also praised for its commitment to sustainability and outdoor activities.

Seattle, Washington, shines bright on our list due to its unwavering commitment to sustainability and its abundant outdoor activities. From its green building initiatives to its public transit options, Seattle is a haven for those passionate about the environment. Additionally, this city is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide variety of activities from hiking in the Cascade Mountains to kayaking in the Puget Sound. For liberal families who value a green lifestyle and the great outdoors, Seattle in 2023 is an idyllic choice. Its progressive values and eco-friendly policies make it one of the best cities to live in the US.

Seattle, Washington: This city is known for its progressive values, and it’s home to a number of tech companies

Seattle, Washington, ranks highly among the best cities for liberal families in 2023, renowned for its forward-thinking values and thriving tech scene. With its commitment to social progress, environmental sustainability, and cultural diversity, Seattle is a haven for those seeking a liberal-minded community. Its vibrant tech industry, including giants like Amazon and Microsoft, offers ample job opportunities in a city that values innovation. From its robust public education to its supportive LGBTQIA+ community, Seattle embodies a progressive lifestyle that aligns perfectly with liberal families looking for an inclusive and dynamic place to call home.

Seattle also offers a high quality of life and a strong education system.

Seattle, recognized for its beautiful Pacific Northwest setting, is an ideal destination for liberal families seeking a high-quality life in 2023. The city’s robust education system, featuring some of the nation’s top-ranked schools, further enhances its appeal. This progressive city fosters a culture of inclusivity and diversity, aligning perfectly with liberal values. Moreover, Seattle’s commitment to environmental stewardship, innovative tech scene, and vibrant arts and music culture make it an enriching place to live. The city’s progressive policies and high living standards make it a top choice for liberal families in the US.


Recognized for its progressive values, Austin is a top choice for liberal families planning to move in 2023. Known as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” this vibrant city offers a diverse culture, exceptional schools, and a thriving job market, particularly in the technology sector. With its commitment to environmental sustainability and a strong community focus on inclusivity and equality, Austin embodies liberal ideals. Its unique blend of urban life and natural beauty, coupled with its affordability, make Austin one of the best cities to live in the US for liberal families.

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