Unforgettable TV Characters Who Made Us Cringe: Should They Have Met Their Demise in Episode 1?

When TV Characters Overstayed Their Welcome: Unveiling the Characters We Love to Hate

Television has given us some truly iconic characters who captured our hearts and became the pillars of their respective shows. However, there have been instances when a character’s presence left us scratching our heads, wondering how they managed to stay at the forefront of the series. In this article, we dive into the world of television’s most cringe-worthy characters, those unfortunate souls who should have met their untimely demise in Episode 1. Brace yourself for a wild ride as we explore 24 of these characters, reminding ourselves of the times we desperately wished for their swift exit from our screens. Get ready to cringe, groan, and wonder, “Why, oh why, did they become the main character?”

1. Galadrial from Rings of Power

Screenshot from "Rings of Power"

2. Olivia Benson from Law & Order: SVU

Screenshots from "Law and Order: SVU"

3. Frasier from Frasier

Screenshots from "Frasier"

4. Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things

Screenshots from "Stranger Things"

5. Hughie from The Boys

Screenshots from "The Boys"

6. Fiona from Shameless

"Nothing's your fault anymore, huh?"

7. Debbie from Shameless

a teenager saying she wants a baby and a person saying she doesn't because she's a kid

8. Ellie Miller from Broadchurch

Screenshots from "Broadchurch"

9. Rory from Gilmore Girls…

Rory and Dean kiss, then later Lorelai reminds her Dean is married and Rory says "he's my dean" and Lorelai says "he's not your dean; he's lindsay's dean"

10. …And also Lorelai

Screenshots from "Gilmore Girls"

11. James from Twin Peaks

Screenshots from "Twin Peaks"

12. Walter White from Breaking Bad

Walter White telling Skyler that he did all his crimes for himself

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