The Best Mortgage Lender in America For 2022

Are there any top mortgage lenders in America?

Knowing which are the best mortgage lenders to use would be helpful if you’re in the market for your first home or looking to refinance your existing one, wouldn’t it?

Here are the top 10 mortgage lenders in America that you can choose from. The following list of mortgage lenders and figures have been compiled from various sources on the web, including,, and

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10. Penny Mac

The first mortgage lender on our list is Penny Mac. 

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Founded in 2008, Penny Mac is a top national mortgage lender who aims to provide customers with a range of innovative mortgage solutions. 

They primarily focus on online lending and offer a complete range of loans, including conventional, FHA, VA, investment property, and Jumbo loans, with really low-interest rates. 

Unlike a lot of lenders, Penny Mac claims that they’ll not sell your loan to any other service provider once you close, instead, they’ll service your loan until the end of its duration. This gives you some peace of mind, knowing that you’ll always be speaking with them. 

Penny Mac has over 1.5 million customers, 3,500+ employees and is currently based in 14 locations throughout America. 

9. Citi Mortgage

Citi Mortgage is related to Citi Bank, which is one of the largest banks in America. 

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They’re well known for being able to offer loans to almost anyone that can qualify, mainly due to their sheer size. 

However, in order to compete with larger competitors, Citi Mortgage has decided to invest in a brand new online mortgage origination system. They hope that the system will vastly improve their mortgage application and borrowing process, which is more than likely considering most things are done online now. 

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As well as helping potential mortgage applicants understand what they can afford to borrow, Citi Mortgage also works closely with the White House’s SCRA benefits outreach program for active and retired military service members.

This program allows approved homeowners, that have been in or are currently serving in the military, to make reduced affordable monthly payments.

If you have a low income and or deposit, FHA and VA loans could be a good option for you. Citi Mortgage has good options for these types of loans that could be worth exploring.

8. Guaranteed Rate

Guaranteed Rate offers a variety of different loans, from conventional, FHA, VA, Jumbo, Fixed-rate, and Interest only. 

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They have launched a “Digital Mortgage” which claims that an application can be completed in as little as 10-15 minutes. 

They also claim that 96% of their customers would recommend them to a friend or family member. 

Their website is easy to navigate and within a short period of time, you’ll be able to find out exactly what you’re able to borrow using their online mortgage calculator. You can also compare the latest current interest rates.

After that, if you want more information or help, you can check out their knowledge center. It’s packed full of useful resources and guides, on everything from home buying to mortgage and refinancing processes. 

7. New American Funding 

The next mortgage lender to make it on our list is New American Funding. 

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These guys provide a direct top lending service, offering conventional, FHA, and VA loans. 

They’re an independent mortgage lender headquartered in Orange County, California, who are dedicated to helping families and individuals improve their quality of living through homeownership.

Their goal is to “help you save money on your mortgage”.

They do this by helping you find out how much money you can borrow, advising you on refinancing, and providing other useful information on how to obtain a mortgage. 

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If you happen to have a bad credit score, or you’re self-employed, then these guys could be a good choice for you.

The reason being is that they check all their applications manually, so they can take into consideration other important factors like having a high income or a considerable amount of savings. 

A lot of other lenders’ application processes use computer algorithms to determine the outcome of your application. This is not the case with New American Funding. So your chances of obtaining a mortgage could be higher if you try your luck with this mortgage lender as you know it’s a real person reviewing your application. 

6. Chase

If you’re looking for a more traditional setup, i.e, using a high street bank for your mortgage, then getting a mortgage with Chase could work for you. 

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Chase Bank is one of the biggest banks in the world and a top mortgage provider.

To acquire a mortgage from them, you’ll need to go into a branch and have a face-to-face meeting or two with a mortgage broker. 

They have over 5,300 branches across America and claim that nearly half of all Americans are on their books in some shape or form. This could be in the form of banks accounts, credit cards, or business accounts. 

They also offer an industry-leading mobile application and online web service to easily manage your mortgage or any other Chase products you use. 

If you’re someone that likes to do things in person, likes a traditional structure, and wants good customer service, then Chase could be a good way to go.

5. SoFi

SoFi, or Social Finance, first started out as a student loan refinancing company but quickly grew into a much larger loan provider that offers other types of loans, such as mortgages. 

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Similar to how mortgage lenders, like New American Finance, look at other aspects of your application, SoFi also looks into other areas of your financial situation to determine their decision.

For example, they’ll look at what college degree you have and your future earning potential, which could make a big difference to how much you can borrow overall. 

Their process is pretty straightforward and can be done 100% online.

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You’ll start by filling out a pre-qualification form that doesn’t impact your credit score.

After that, you’ll be presented with all the options that you’re eligible for, and you can pick your favorite and expect to hear your application decision within 30 days. 

If you’re wondering why you should choose SoFi, then consider that they offer affordable down payments, as little as 10% down, very competitive rates, around $1,000 origination fee for non-members and $500 for members, and help is on hand whenever you need it through their online support system. 

4. LoanDepot

If you’re looking to refinance, then LoanDepot should be a consideration. 

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They make refinancing as smooth and simple as it could possibly be, but do also offer a variety of mortgage options. 

The company has so far funded more than the $70 billion refinanced mortgages and is pretty generous when it comes to fees.

They waive refinance fees and reimburse appraisal fees for all future refinances after your first refinance deal with them.

Also, unlike a lot of other mortgage lenders in America, LoanDepot loan officers have not incentivized at all to steer you in any one direction, or toward a specific product. Their loan officers do not receive any incentives whatsoever, so you can trust that their recommendations are genuine.  

Refinancing can be a good option in a number of circumstances, however, if it’s something you decide to do, just make sure you talk to a mortgage lender like LoanDepot for good, reliable information. 

3. Lenda 

If you’re after a quick and easy-to-use online mortgage lender that doesn’t require a ton of paperwork, then Lenda is worth a look. 

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They’re an online-only mortgage provider that offers quick and easy pre-qualifications and refinancing estimates through their website. 

Known for its excellent customer service, Lenda offers a concierge service that’s also completely paperless. 

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Their digital system clearly lays out and indicates what you need to send them and what documents might be missing. All you have to do is follow the process, upload the correct documents and Lenda will do the rest. 

When purchasing a home, every penny counts, and often a lot of money can be spent on origination and broker fees, but this is not the case with Lenda.

They do not charge any fees for this work, opting to stay competitive with interest rates instead. 

At the moment, Lenda is still growing, therefore you might not be able to access their deals as they’re not in every state yet.

However, this is likely to change sooner rather than later as their success continues. 

2. Lending Tree

Looking for a mortgage online and then comparing them online can be frustrating at times. 

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Well, LendingTree, America’s largest online lending marketplace, makes it as simple as possible to compare all your different mortgages options.

Within minutes of completing your application, you could have up to five different loan offers at your disposal. 

You can also submit a request online for a conventional, FHA, or VA loan if you wish. 

If you’re still not quite sure about the options you’ve been given, or you need some help in general, their website offers a ton of useful information and guides for different stages in the home buying process. 

LendingTree allows you to shop for competitive rates whilst comparing the results in a simplified format, easy-to-digest format. 

1. Quicken Loans 

Coming in at number one on our list of the best mortgage lenders in America is Quicken Loans. 

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They’re the biggest mortgage lender in the United States and make the mortgage application process super easy for applicants online.

Through their strategic online advertising and TV campaigns, they’ve managed to gain nationwide exposure and boost their number of loans. 

Their website is simple, and almost immediately allows you to identify your borrowing potential using the calculator on their homepage. 

Once you fill in some basic information, the calculator will give you the option to acquire your own custom rates, which is something that’s been time-consuming in the past.

Also, during the application process, you’re able to connect your bank account’s and let their system do all the work automatically!

Overall, the majority of mortgage applicants choose to go with Quicken Loans because they make the application process easy, quick and hassle-free. 

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