Car Mechanics Share Photos Of Weird Things They’ve Seen On The Job

When you think of mechanics and car repair, you likely don’t think of hilarious occurrences, right? Well, think again. Apparently, the life of a mechanic is rife with humor- and not just oil and repairs. In fact, cars can have as many as 30,000 parts, making them full of potential surprises when trying to figure out what is going on with them. 

If you’ve driven on the road for any amount of time you probably know that some people shouldn’t be allowed to drive. That extends to people owning a car too- as these photos will show. Can you imagine taking your car to the mechanic for a broken window only to find out that your window lock was on? No doubt that mechanics had a hard time keeping a straight face when explaining that one to the customer. From broken accelerator pedals to a raccoon’s nest- it seems that a day in the life of a mechanic is never dull. We’re glad these mechanics have a healthy dose of a sense of humor to go along with their findings. Without further ado, enjoy these car mishaps!

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These tires are as bald as bald could be

Car mechanics HAVE to see a lot of strange and wacky things. Every car owner is different, and some rely on their car more than others. And that really shows in many cases. The woman who owns this vehicle takes that notion to the next level. 

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She refused to change her four tires on a rainy day, which only seems irresponsible when you realize her tires have no tread on them at all. Could you imagine driving on these and having a professional tell you “You need to change your tires?” And refusing? Good luck. You’re gonna need it.

‘Honk if a kids falls out’

This sticker is purely cynical parental humor – the kind only a parent could have. And it is quite comical, indeed. It reads, “Honk if a kid falls out.” The vehicle, itself, appears to be a large style transport van, something ideal for parents with a lot of children.

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In any case, it must cause heads to turn while driving. So, naturally, the mechanic got a kick out of it and decided to share it on his social channels. This is definitely not to be taken literally- and no doubt provides a chuckle to those who see it when they pass this car on the road.

A cute companion

When there is something wrong with your car an indicator light turns on. Depending on the issue, it can be specific, like the engine light, or the ‘change oil,’ indicator. Other issues, rather small or big, are a bit more ambiguous and do not allow for much interpretation.

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Enter a car mechanic, whose job it is to diagnose the said issue and presumably fix it. They use a code checker to do this, which requires them to access the inside of the driver’s side. But where is the code for a dog left behind in a car? I guess this little dude kept the mechanic company as he performed diagnostic tests on this car. How cute! 

A career in comedy

Let’s hope this guy decided to quit his job and pursue a career in comedy because this one had me literally laughing on the floor. Just take a look for yourself, you will not be disappointed. The difference between a car owner’s knowledge to a mechanic’s can be as wide as the ocean- and this mechanic sure did have a good time with that.

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The way he typed up his diagnostic report is simply priceless. He seems to have taken some creative license when it comes to describing the problem and resolution for the car he’s worked on. This is the kind of stuff you only see on the internet, but it is GOLD.

A person of their word

Cars can go for a long time if you treat them nicely and provide them with proper care, monthly, annually, and as needed. This customer went to the same mechanic since his car had 200,000 miles on it, with the promise they’d return to the mechanic when the car reached 1 million miles.

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One day the customer casually went in to have his tire plugged, and the mechanic realized the car’s odometer had reached a whopping 999,999 miles. Talk about being a person of their word. This person, intentional or not, fulfilled a long-standing promise. What a legend.

The luckiest car

This is the tale of a lucky car, one so lucky, it has the age-old symbol for good luck, sprouting from the car itself. Not only is this four-leaf clover really cute, but it is also growing in an unexpected place. Was it a sign from Mother Nature herself saying “Take an epic road trip and trust the universe?”

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More than likely, it is due to high levels of moisture in the environment where the car is parked. It does make for a really great photograph either way, and this person must have also gotten a kick out of it.

This car is fluent in whale

This mechanic paints a fairly colorful photograph of this car, noting that it sounded as if it were Dory from “Finding Nemo.” They also noted that the car “tried to speak whale,” which does a great job at letting me know the car’s condition.

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Maybe the car had a lot on its mind and wanted to share. Maybe the mechanic is like a therapist for cars? In reality, the car likely had an issue much less funny than the sounds it made. Let’s hope this mechanic could diagnose and fix the issue. Doing this must be a million-dollar job.

Pull the string

Warning labels are necessary in most cases if you know of a problem and want to fairly warn others. This warning sign, however, takes the cake. This guy left a sign telling others that their accelerator gets stuck to the floor sometimes.

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The solution? To pull on the string to unstick. Not only could this not be a safe or a remotely legal option – it is unfortunately as resourceful as resourceful gets. That is what humans are known for, right? I am not sure if I should laugh or cry thinking about someone having to deploy this fix in real-time.

Cool Prius- said no one, ever

This sticker is pretty priceless, and it yields itself to a good laugh. Take a look for yourself and tell me if you had an encounter with this car on the road that you would not have a laugh on the inside, out loud?

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I looked at this picture a few times and thought to myself, at least this car owner is self-aware of how people might feel about their car. Embracing stigmas, in many cases, is great, and this is an example of that very thing happening. How do you feel about the Prius? I think they are cool.

What’s going on here?

I am not sure what I am looking at. It just looks odd. It was probably time for this person to have their tires looked at, if not changed, a long time ago. Not only does this look dangerous – but it looks like the medieval version of a tire.

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Albeit the tire is made of rubber, but it still looks pretty funky. I would imagine it makes for a bumpy ride, and could very well be a good indicator that your car is touching the sidewalk as you try to park it. It could end up being a good thing.

Car ownership 101, back to basics

The mechanic behind this post must have had quite the laugh. The customer told him that the temperature gauge on his car reads ‘full tank.’ I wonder where this person believes their gas gauge goes when they have a half tank of gas? Perhaps the ‘check engine’ indicator?

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I bet this was a bit of an awkward conversation to have with a customer letting them know their assumptions were not right. I hope this person got a basic car ownership literacy course, too. It might do them some justice. This is one of the silliest things I have ever read.

It’s the wheel of… furry

Some people take making your car your own to a whole new level. I cannot imagine what this person was thinking when they did this. Just take a look for yourself, I mean that is downright distracting and I could not drive with such a soft and fuzzy steering wheel. It might make me nap. 

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This is kind of like the people who decorate their vehicle with a Christmas Wreath on the outside of their car but only on the inside of this car. I guess you can’t argue over personal taste, but it’s also a matter of safety. I cannot imagine this is also not kind of slippery. That is one furry steering wheel.

Opossums in the hood

You hear this story all-too-often. “A man goes to a mechanic and the repairman finds an opossum living underneath the hood.” You know, the classic tale of an opossum taking measurements to eventually hang up curtains in its new apartment? It’s not only opossums, it happens with cats sometimes as well.

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This seems like it would be simultaneously adorable and frightening at the same time. I would, as any reasonable person should do, set this little guy free into the wild. We can only assume that he had a warm place to stay for some time and he enjoyed it while it lasted.

Does my insurance cover this?

We’re not sure what the story is behind this photograph. We can only help that it was used in an action movie scene. It could also have been used for target practice, or just the unfortunate recipient of ‘wrong place, wrong time.’

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No matter how you look at it, mechanics are not so qualified for this kind of work, but a body shop might be happy to take on such a job. This is, of course, notwithstanding some critical questions by the insurance company if this person wishes to file an official claim and not to pay out of pocket.

A simple fix

People go to mechanics for all kinds of reasons, including for reasons they could have resolved themselves. This is one of those instances, where the mechanic simply unlocked the window. The person came in complaining about their window not rolling down, and the fix was an easy one.

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I wonder how much this person paid for it. Time is, after all, money, right? Of course, the right thing to do is to not charge the person for such a simple fix. On the other hand, you do have to make a living no? Either way, this one was too funny not to share.

A Soviet tire?

It has been three decades since the fall of the former Soviet Union. And since then many of the products that existed under that rule, no longer exist. It must have been quite a surprise to this mechanic when they saw this person had tires “Made in the USSR.”

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I would have laughed and questioned how long it has been since this person changed their tires. Do you think it was at least thirty years? Can tires even last that long? It sounds like it might be dangerous to drive around with 30-year old tires. I would assume the answer is no, but you never know. I want a pair of these bad boys.

Paying in cash

It is always a good thing when you can afford to pay your bills. It is, however, not so great when you have to pay a $1,000 bill. For many, their car is their livelihood. This woman could afford to pay her $1,000 bill but she paid in one and five dollar bills.

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This mechanic, needless to say – got a kick out of things. This is a large stack of moolah, I have not seen this much dough in a while, but I am sure the mechanic did not complain about receiving cash on the spot. You can’t beat that. After all, money is money, no matter in which form it comes.

That glass sure is thick

This is some fairly thick glass. Safe to say it is bulletproof and that the driver was well protected. According to the driver of this car, they work for a private security company which requires they have these kinds of windows, standard. 

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Apparently, the private security firm this Tahoe belongs to means business. It is difficult to confirm this car owner’s story, but it is a cool story behind something that seems so potentially nefarious. What do you think this person does for a living in real life? Were they being honest with the repairman? Be creative with your ideas.

Hanging out in the back seat

When this person brought their car in for repair and left it at the shop – they failed to mention that their dog was chilling in the backseat. I would imagine this mechanic got quite the kick out of also being a doggy daycare for a brief period of time.

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I would also like to point out that this dog appears to be a good boy or girl. I would have not gotten the job done because I was too busy playing with the dog and giving it snacks. If nothing else, your dog would be pampered to the extreme. Adorable.

A novel concept, gloves in the glove compartment

What a moment of bliss, something being used for what it was originally intended for, gloves. The glove compartment is rarely used for storing ACTUAL gloves, so naturally, this mechanic had to snap a picture of the moment they discovered gloves were in their rightful location.

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This would have not been a surprise almost thirty years ago before we started stuffing glove compartments with everything else but gloves. I can imagine this person likely lived in a colder region and meant business in cold weather. You have not experienced the cold until you have had frostbite. This person is totally responsible, kudos.

Can’t forget the raccoon

This customer casually said, “I’d like to get my raccoon before you start to repair my vehicle.” Not only is this adorable, but it is adorable. Before the man had his car repair, he took the raccoon and waited patiently for his car to get fixed.

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This is an endearing tale of an unlikely pair, but what a tremendously adorable outcome – to say the least. I wonder how they met. I bet you the back story there is even more adorable than you could ever imagine. Hi there, friend. You are so adorable it is painful to look at you.

In need of QUICK repair

If someone drove their car into your repair shop like this. Wait, scratch that – no one can drive a car in this condition, unless they drive really slowly, live very close, and do not care about causing more damage to their vehicle. 

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This could very well be the case for the owner of this car, who really seems to be in need of many repairs. So many questions, and presumably so little time. Where does one start? One could safely assume by outfitting the car with new tires and then assessing any further issues.

Making friends at work

We have learned by now that mechanics often see a lot of things at work. Some of them are silly, some of them raise serious questions, and others are just cute. Take these two puppies who were chilling in the trunk of this car while it was open during a quick-fix car repair.

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I love the sweet look in their eyes and totally would not blame the mechanic if they fell head-over-heels for these pups. I mean, come on, look at them. I am unsure if I have seen such an adorable animal in quite some time. Distraction much? Yes.

The world’s saddest car?

This mechanic noted that it is rare for such a vehicle to be so underutilized. It is, in fact, an improbable feat to have a Jaguar Xj220 with 3,000 miles on the odometer. The mechanic in this situation found himself saying he’d probably never see such a thing again in his life.

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Whatever happened to ‘opening up’ this kind of car up on the open road? Taking it out on the track to release some steam? I suppose this person had more leisure tasks in mind when they drove the car. What underuse of a powerful piece of machinery.

Has anybody seen the CARrots?

This mechanic received a visit from a furry little friend. This bunny just hopped into the shop, casually during this mechanic’s shift. One can assume that the visit was more than welcome and probably lifted the mechanic’s spirits.

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Who does not want to come out of their office to find a tiny bunny hopping around? I revel in this tiny animal’s glory and then take it back outside where it belonged. It is safe, in these instances, to release them into a wooded area, far away from the city traffic. A great excuse for a road trip if you’re spontaneous.  

The sound of freedom

“And I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I can fly my flag.” The new anthem for the owner of this car. This person is ultra-patriotic. The mechanic took this car out for a spin to see how it drove and heard a funny sound from the inside.

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Much to his surprise, he found this decent-sized flag attached to the window. They do say you can’t come between a patriot and their country, but this one takes that saying to a whole new level. This is one of the most American things I have ever seen.

Follow these instructions… or else

This is a great story of great copywriting. The writer of this installation manual had comedy and good end results on their mind when they wrote this. I would like to think that this really motivated people to not cut corners while installing this specific lift kit.

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I love the idea of other companies (like Ikea) deploying this style of instruction. Do you think the level of previously unfinished projects would increase if you add in empty threats to the customer? In all seriousness, this, while playful, is comical and could lead to more productive people and more complete projects.

The coolest BBQ grill in town

Being American, I have seen all kinds of barbeque grills in my life. I have seen them with wheels, and I have seen them large as well as tiny as they come. This grill just takes the cake for the most innovative grill I have ever seen before.

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It is on wheels. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when this customer asked the mechanic if they could bring in their BBQ to do brakes and bearings. Maybe they thought it was a joke and rolled with it. It was very much not a joke.

Baby mutant ninja turtle

The discovery of this baby turtle will go down as one of the cutest mechanic repairing car discoveries. They found a baby turtle in a car, totally unharmed, and just a bit dirty. All the turtle needs is a bath and to be set back into the wild.

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I hope this little guy has a long and productive turtle life, however long their life expectancy is. This little guy is one of the tiniest creatures I have seen in a long time and it is totally worth it to see his tiny little tail. Do you see it? Look closely.

Quality always wins

The owner of this Honda Civic bought the car from the service shop back in 2006. All the while, this customer remained loyal to this shop because of its quality. The dealership must have been happy when that person drove into the dealership to let them know the car had reached one million miles.

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That not only showcases the durability of a car, but it speaks volumes to the quality of service offered at this repair shop. Have you ever seen a car with one million miles on it? They usually meet their demise long before that gets to happen.

Cat-powered engine

Most people who work by the hour want to get out of work as quickly once the clock strikes their designated time to leave. This is not the case for all, but for many, it is the reality. It would be for me as well if I had a job that required me to stay working until a certain time.

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In the case of this mechanic, however, he decided to work overtime when he found a cute cat in a customer’s engine. I cannot even fathom the look on his face once he realized he had unearthed a cat in this person’s engine.

Fast vibrations, man

According to this customer, the car vibrates at an unusual rate of speed. 130 miles per hour to be exact. Not only is that super fast, but it is also dangerous, and you’d have to be going a very specific speed to find something like this out about your car. To say this person is a speed demon would be putting it lightly.

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Perhaps they’re an out-of-work racecar driver or stuntman? If you happen to go that fast, it is safe to say your car might shake. Most commercial vehicles are not meant to be driven at such a fast speed.

Tires warped beyond repair?

Some cars are durable, to say the least. This one seems to have gone through a lot to get to where it is today, so honestly, I am proud of the car for everything it has overcome during its existence. It looks as if it has been through some tough conditions, actually.

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These tires are warped beyond belief, and I assume this person’s car wobbled at even the lowest of speeds. Driving anywhere must be difficult when your tires look like this. It could also be an indicator that it’s time for a new set. Probably more than an indicator.

Engine nest

When nature goes industrial, that just sounds odd, doesn’t it? I would say that is even unnatural. The good thing is all the eggs were unharmed, but they must have at least been warm and ready to hatch. I could assume that they did not have many complaints about having such warmth.

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It also took a ton of time and energy to have built this nest in such a tight spot. This is a heartwarming story that gives me goosebumps as well as a little more hope for the future of humanity. These soon-to-be birdies are sure to be cute.

A cute discovery

This tiny little kitten was pulled out by the mechanic from his customer’s car. The mechanic is said to have found it between the grill and condenser of the car. Although this kitten might be shaken up, it is alive and well. After finding the kitten, the mechanic placed it into a cardboard box for safekeeping.

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I hope this tiny little being was adopted by a good family or given back to the car’s owner. Imagine the look on the owner’s face once they realized they had a new furry friend. I have no words except for good work to the mechanic!

In-store pickup

This picture paints a vivid image of a mistake. Taking your eyes off the road for a millisecond can be dangerous, and potentially lead to sights like this. The cop in this photo also looks quite confused about how something like this might happen, and so will a mechanic once this person takes their car in for servicing.

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It makes a lot of sense to me to tell a slight fib and tell them that something else has happened, not the real reason for needing such extensive repairs. I am sure the mechanic would be savvy enough to know something much more comical happened.

Have you ever wondered?

Take a moment to soak it in. It is satisfying, right? This is what the undercarriage of a Tesla looks like. I must say that it is smart. Elon Musk and his team of brainiacs had the clever idea of concealing the parts of a Tesla, from below. This could prevent the theft of these undoubtedly pricey parts.

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I would imagine that it does not make for a fun repair for the mechanic, however. All kinds of specialized tools are needed to access typically accessible parts, making labor on the vehicle likely higher than usual. Nice work, Mr. Musk, really.

My key is a screwdriver

“Ok, so here are my keys, the screwdriver.” Yes, this person used a screwdriver to unlock and presumably start their car. That is ingenuity if I have never seen it myself. They do say that a little creativity goes a long way. It is either that or the car is stolen, but I would like to think that this person’s simply lost their keys. 

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When I was younger, my mom would tell me to use my imagination, and I often did, but this is not something I could have dreamt of in my more formative years. Adult-level creativity here, seriously.

These tires shred, literally

Have you ever had a flight to catch with little time to spare? This person takes that notion to a new level. They returned their rental car with a shredded tire, yes, you heard me. These bad boys are totaled. The reason they gave when returning the rental car — “I had a flight to catch.”

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This person must have gone pretty fast to burn the rubber off the tires in this picture, and I hope they purchased the optional rental car insurance and not their own. If they use their own insurance, they’re looking at higher monthly payments that are for sure.

Ill-advised repairs

Most, if not all, mechanics caution against DIY repairs. They can, in the end, lead to even further damage, after all. This person uses a part of a mattress to hold parts that do get hot in place. This is one of the most ridiculous-looking and potentially dangerous repairs I have ever seen.

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Using duct tape on your engine is not safe, nor is using superglue to keep your muffler-in-tact advised by any reputable mechanic. This person could have also just really wanted to take a nap underneath their car. You never know these days where literally anything is possible.

Have you seen my keys?

Some things in life are inexplicable. This is a prime example of that in action. I could not imagine looking all over the place for my keys only to realize that they are in my tire. How did I even get to the mechanic? So many questions, so little time. This person must have been relieved once they found their keys and a little shocked. 

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Do you think this person was going around their house trying to retract their steps only to discover their main set of keys were the very reason they needed their tire plugged? Sigh, big sigh. The only upside is that this is something that could never happen twice.

Keeping it gear, safety first

Depending on where you live, protecting your car at ALL costs is imperative. I would add that this is one way to ensure your car stays in your hands. Lock it up! Literally, take the gear shifter and lock it to itself using a padlock. It might just work, and it might keep your car from rolling backward too.

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Although I highly doubt the latter, this person is playing it safe with this homemade contraption that’s really quite an oddly brilliant idea if you ask me. When left to their own devices, people can get pretty creative, don’t you think?

Popcorn bowls to the rescue

Here is another ill-advised customer repair. Once the mechanic saw this one – they had to snap a picture. Home fixes are almost never as good as what a professional would do, hence it is important that you take your vehicle to a professional in the first place. 

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This customer takes recycling empty popcorn buckets to the next level, using it as a quick fix under the hood of their car. What purpose do you think this person intended the bucket to serve? Whatever it was, I am sure the bowl could not withstand the pressure from the heat a car produces.

An ode to Will Ferrell

Have you ever seen comedian Will Ferrell’s famous “more cowbell” skit on Saturday Night Live? It is a classic and one that will always and forever be funny. This person was likely a lover of that recurring skit because they put a cowbell on their car.

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I can imagine you knew exactly when they were arriving, no need for the proverbial “I’m here” text message most send when they’ve arrived. Will Farrell must be very proud that his joke has matriculated so far into American popular culture. I can also assume this person confused everyone on the road who saw the cowbell.

Pass the milk, please

Cereal in your radiator means you could have a good breakfast if you find it. Just kidding. But in all seriousness, I would say that the conversation had with this customer went a little something like this “Yes, ma’am, we found cereal in your radiator, I am pretty sure that’s what has caused the issue.”

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Perhaps this is another example of a failed home remedy, gone tasty. Someone, please pass me the almond milk, I think it’s time for a breakfast break. Is that a thing? If not, let’s make it a new trend! Think this was a quick fix?

The case of the missing catalytic converter

There are lots of moving parts involved in car parts that most of us have never heard of. This does not diminish the importance of said car parts, however. The catalytic converter is absolutely vital to a car’s performance and is often the object of theft because of the amount of precious and costly metals that inhabit the part.

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Replacing one is also a costly repair. It must have been a total surprise to the owner, but the mechanic likely sees this more often than normal. Easy diagnosis, expensive repair. Is Elon Musk on to something with Tesla? Probably so.

All aboard, next stop – Repairtown, USA

Some mechanics get a variety of vehicles for repair. And many of them have experience working on all kinds. From the ever increasingly popular electric vehicle to large-scale steam locomotives – like this one. No, you’re not looking at a train on the track, it is in the shop, with a mechanic.

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You can not say that the work of a mechanic is not dynamic after you consider what you’re looking at in this picture. I would suggest rethinking everything you ever thought about this line of work. This looks like a long day’s work ahead. It is objectively quite cool.

Cool sound system, bro

This person wanted a good sound system in their car. And I do not blame them. I honestly love to pump the tunes when I drive. No matter where I go, I have music playing. It helps to ease the general mood of angist on the road. Everything from rock, to pop, and hip-hop, music is the universal solution for happiness if you ask me.

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This person took having a banging sound system to the next level by installing it themselves. If you want something done properly, do it yourself, right? Let’s see if you can spot what the issue is. Trust me, you do not have to look far to spot it.

Dude, I think your tire is flat

This car, at first glance, does not look normal. Upon a second glance, it appears even more damaged than it should be. This is not just any flat tire, it is a mega flat tire. I think the mechanic had to have a long talk with the owner of this car about how to perform basic upkeep on their car.

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Have you ever seen a tire do this before? Such a sight might seem funny, but driving a car in this condition is, safe to say, not advised. I would add that it is something you might want to see a mechanic about.

Road snacks

If you’ve got a long drive ahead of you, you might as well bring some snacks along for the drive. There is no need to spend money on fast food, and there are tons of healthy alternatives for those looking to keep things clean. Just ask this car owner, they must have been inspired by a new fad of eating a lot of protein.

This is a bit of an odd storage place for the eggs, but I can say that eggs are really filling and make a great road snack as they are handled. I would have just peeled them and put them in a proper container.

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