Stranger Things 4: Title, Release Date & New Details Revealed

Netflix has finally revealed the title and release date for the fourth season of their hit show, Stranger Things. In a teaser trailer released today, we learned that the new season will be set in 1985 and will be titled Stranger Things 4: The Upside Down. It’s set to come out on July 4th next year – just in time for Independence Day celebrations! The teaser video, which is only 15 seconds long, shows the iconic ‘Upside-Down’ treehouse in the same place we left it. It also has a new name on it – 4. We don’t know anything else about how this will tie into the fourth season but if you saw the video that was released earlier this month showing the cast and crew of Stranger Things in a hotel lobby just before they started filming season 4, then you might have noticed

Season 4 of Stranger Things

Season 4 of Stranger Things will be released on Netflix on Friday, July 4th. The title of the season has not been announced yet, but it is rumored to be titled “The Battle of Starcourt Mall.” The season will consist of 8 episodes and will pick up where the last season left off. (Den of Geek) An official trailer from season 4 has also been released:

When is the new season coming out?

The wait for Stranger Things 4 is almost over! The new season will be premiering on Netflix on July 4, 2020. In the meantime, check out the trailer to see what the Hawkins gang will be up to!

What was in the video trailer?

The trailer for Stranger Things 4 begins with a shot of the Upside Down, followed by a close-up of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) looking determined. The action then cuts to the Hawkins gang – Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Will (Noah Schnapp), and Max (Sadie Sink) – gearing up for battle. “It’s time to end this,” says Eleven. “We’re going to war.” The trailer is packed with intense action scenes, as the gang takes on the Upside Down creatures. We see them fighting in the woods, in the school, and even in their homes. There are explosions, car chases, and plenty of close calls. At one point, Dustin even appears to be possessed by a creature. The trailer ends with Eleven asking Mike if he’s ready for this. “I’m never not ready,” he replies. The new season of Stranger Things looks like it’s going to be even more exciting than the last. The Hawkins gang is back and they’re taking the fight to the Upside Down. Can they finally put an end to this nightmare? We

Characters: what happened to them?

It’s been a year since the events of Stranger Things 3, and the trailer for Stranger Things 4 suggests that the Hawkins gang is in for another battle with the Upside Down. However, it’s unclear what happened to some of the key characters from the previous season. Here’s a look at what we know so far about what happened to them. Will Byers: After defeating the Mind Flayer, Will seems to be back to his normal self. He’s playing video games with his friends and going to school. However, it’s clear that he’s still haunted by what happened to him in the Upside Down. Mike Wheeler: Mike is also back to his normal self, but he’s struggling with the fact that Eleven is gone. He’s trying to be strong for his friends, but it’s clear that he misses her. Dustin Henderson: Dustin is also back to his normal self, but he has a new girlfriend named Suzie. It’s clear that he still cares about his friends, but he’s also enjoying his new relationship. Lucas Sinclair: Lucas is also back to his normal self, but he doesn’t seem to be as close to his friends as he was before

How does this relate to other seasons?

The trailer for Stranger Things 4 was just released, and it looks like the Hawkins gang is in for a big battle. The trailer shows them gearing up for a fight with the Upside Down, and it looks like they are going to be fighting tooth and nail to keep everyone safe. This season is sure to be full of action and suspense, and we can’t wait to see how it all plays out. While this season looks to be very different from the previous three, there are still some similarities that we can see. For one, it looks like Eleven will once again be a central figure in the fight against the Upside Down. Additionally, we can see that the group will be sticking together and fighting as one unit, which is something that has always been important to them. We’re excited to see how this season unfolds, and we’ll be following closely to see how the Hawkins gang takes on the Upside Down.

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