Celebrity Social Media Bloopers That Are Too Hilarious to Forget

We’ve all been there… Whether it was a rager that you can’t remember or a typo that changed the meaning of your tweet. Everyone knows what it feels like when your post becomes laughable on the Internet. Social media is so easy to use, and yet so easy to mess up. For most of us, a typo or goofy post doesn’t do much damage or go viral, but when it comes to celebrities, it’s kind of hard not to notice. 

Below are some moments when celebs maybe should have rethought their post before they let it out into the world on a platform where it can never truly be erased. Once published, those things can’t get taken back, and some are pretty hilarious. While some are purposely entertaining, and others are relatable mistakes, others just make us shake our heads and wonder what those celebrities were thinking when they sent that out to cyberspace. 

In order to make the reading experience of this article more convenient, the article has been split up into multiple pages. At the end of each page, you will see a “next” button which will take you to the next page. Enjoy your reading!

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Lawyer Lawyer, Pants on Fire

It feels good to post about our accomplishments on social media. We’ve all seen countless posts about graduation, college acceptances, new jobs, etc. So when Robert Kardashian posted that he was accepted to the University of Southern California, it wasn’t a leap to believe him. However, the California university took matters into their own hands to set the record straight.

It didn’t take long for USC to post a follow-up tweet claiming that Kardishian had never even applied, nonetheless been accepted to their law school. Not sure how Kardashian thought he’d get away with that one, but the truth can’t stay hidden for long when you post untruths online.

Tattoo Bad, So Sad

Ever been excited to show off something new to your friends and followers on social media only to find out it wasn’t so great to begin with? Ariana Grande made this mistake real bad when she posted a pic of her new tattoo online. After coming out with her hit single, “7 Rings”, she got a tattoo that said the phrase in Japanese. Only it didn’t.

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Turns out the tattoo said something akin to “barbeque grill.” After the first funny blunder, Grande apparently tried to fix the tattoo but ended up with a new one saying “Japanese barbeque finger.” Somehow, the hole just keeps getting deeper. If read up to down, left to right, it might be what Grande was going for. However, the Japanese language is read up to down from right to left, so it wasn’t quite a win.

Now That You Ask…

Some questions are meant to be rhetorical. Jonathan Cheban, also known as Foodgod, TV personality and publicist, opened up a poll for followers to vote on whether he should live stream later that night or not. And in an unexpected outcome, he ended up with more nopes than positive responses. Ouch, that one’s gotta hurt.

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There wasn’t much love for Food god, and his face alongside the losing poll numbers quickly became an Internet meme. You gotta feel bad for the guy, since he clearly wasn’t expecting the lackluster response that he got. But as it goes with things online, once you cast your net, you can’t take it back. In this case, it would have been better to not ask at all.

So Much Intelligents

So this one may have been the product of autocorrect, but it’s honestly quite funny regardless. I get if some celebrities want to let the world know that they’re more than a pretty face or an impressive set of lungs. But Mary J. Blige might want to stick to singing. Her tweet is slightly unintelligible, though it appears to be trying to say, “Why is that people always try to underestimate estimate my intelligents?” 

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Twitter is a large microphone to broadcast your opinions, jokes, and comments, but when trying to call people out for doubting your intelligence, it’s best to make sure you’re broadcasting the most intelligent thing possible. Typos and nonsensical statements really aren’t helping Blige’s cause. Just a reminder to proofread before publishing.

Not Quite Alone

Famous for appearing in the reality TV series, Love Island, Dom Lever has been active on social media to keep himself in the public eye. Posting about his comings and goings, Lever fell victim to a common blunder that many an Instagramer has been guilty of. He posted about being on the train all alone, when in fact, someone is seen sitting right behind him in his selfie.

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While I’m not sure what the goal of his post was, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t intended to get made fun of in the comments section. I guess it’s cool to do some traveling all by yourself? Well, for whatever reason, Lever put the post out on the Internet and didn’t take a quick glance to make sure it couldn’t be refuted.


Back in 2014, Rita Ora (supposedly) tweeted her fans saying she would release new songs if she got 100,000 retweets. While that may have been cool, she only got around 20,000 retweets. Later on, she posted that she had been hacked originally and her music would be released when she was good and ready. Smells a little fishy to me.

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Look, we can understand–haven’t we all been there ourselves? Maybe it’s a conversation where we tell a joke expecting more people to laugh, or an online post that we think will get more attention. But it’s pretty funny when it appears to have happened to someone famous. I guess we’ll never know for sure, but I’m willing to bet that Ora wasn’t hacked at all.

Product Placement

We usually have antennae up when it comes to seeing celebs post about certain products. Sure, it’s normal for famous people to endorse different products and companies to their fans for payment. It’s just another form of advertising. Of course, there is a nuance to it, and no one is ever quite so upfront about their intentions.

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That is unless they happen to copy and paste the entire blurb–including instructions–from the company they are promoting! Scott Disick, in his Instagram post promoting Bootea Shake, didn’t even edit out the instructions they sent over! Goes to show that a lot of celebrity posts are bought, and even the taglines are written by a marketing team and not themselves. Honestly, I’m not surprised.

Can’t Catch a Break

Has it ever happened to you that you try to do or say something nice, but someone calls you out on it instead? For actress Gal Gadot, a tweet of hers in which she praised the recently deceased Stephen Hawking received some backlash from a follower who accused her of being ableist.

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While Gadot certainly didn’t intend any offense — in fact, quite the opposite — her post still struck a nerve in at least one upset follower. It just goes to show that you can never please everyone. In a world with a working comments section, you’ve got to be very careful about what you post.

What’s in a Name?

This one’s funny because it’s so passive-aggressive. Who isn’t upset when their staple product–be it beauty care, food, or clothing–is discontinued? Kim Kardashian let the world know of her frustrations. And while lots of people may post things like this on social media, Kim got a reply straight from the Armani team.

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Who wouldn’t want their complaint to be answered with, “we’ll get you whatever you need?” But the best part is that the Armani brand called out Kim for misspelling Giorgio’s name. Her problem may be solved, but it’s a call-out on social media, no less. But who has time for spelling when their fav product is discontinued?

Jenny I’ve got Your Number

The famous 1980’s song, 8675309 undoubtedly left someone named Jenny in need of a new phone number. After posting this accidentally on his social media account, Charlie Sheen needed a new number as well. His phone probably blew up with calls and texts from excited fans after this tweet. 

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While it’s easy to text the wrong person by mistake or send a text with a typo, it is very entertaining that a celebrity would post their own number on such a public platform as their Twitter account. While Sheen isn’t known for his stability, it’s entertaining that he would make such a mistake. At least he could afford a new phone number.

Scam Likely

It’s always entertaining when an older relative calls about a concerning scam, but it’s even more entertaining when a celebrity falls for one and retweets or reposts it. In this case, Julia Roberts re-posted a fake post that was making the rounds about the legalities of Instagram’s privacy policies and their rights to pictures and content. 

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Better safe than sorry, so it’s hard to mock Roberts or anyone who would want to take precautions against privacy settings. However, it’s always a good idea to do a little research before posting something like this for all your followers to see. And if you’re someone as famous as Roberts, that’s a lot of followers. 

No Horsing Around

Chrissy Teigan has had a lot of bad press due to her Twitter posts. In fact, her comments section got so bad that she recently withdrew from tweeting altogether, at least temporarily. But this example of one of her posts demonstrates the tone-deafness that may have driven her followers to become her haters.

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This post accompanied a picture of a horse, which she was going to ride during her private riding lesson. While social media is pretty much made to boast the cool things you do, some people didn’t appreciate Teigan’s post from January 2021. It’s definitely Teigan’s right to post what she likes, but I suppose it’s her followers’ right to comment as they see fit.

Fakin’ It

Sure, we’ve already seen celebrities faking the products they use and selling out to advertisers. But, Oprah Winfrey? Surely we can trust her! But even Winfrey’s “favorite things” are a sham, as demonstrated here. In her post about the Microsoft Surface, Winfrey outs herself as her tweet is stamped with the “Twitter for iPad” tag. 

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It’s funniest when mistakes like these expose their celebrity posters to be pulling our leg. While we know it’s just a job, it can feel almost like a betrayal when a celebrity we admire praises a product that they themselves don’t even use. It’s like we can’t trust anyone anymore, these days!


Sure, there are lots of things that get us excited or make us happy. They can be as simple as a refreshing glass of ice tea on a hot day, or coming up with the perfect comeback in an argument. Of course, these small pleasures don’t compare to larger, more important things. That’s why Zac Efron’s post was so cringy.

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Sorry Efron, but comparing your Instagram accomplishment to the human rights achievements of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. just doesn’t sit right with us. He surely only meant to acknowledge an important day (and we mean MLK day, not his 1 million followers day) but he ended up just coming off as a jerk.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

and Armie Hammer, who later would go on to have an even worse time regarding some private, scandalous direct messages, clearly goes a bit stir-crazy from time to time like the rest of us. At the beginning of 2020, after being separated from his wife and kids for months, Hammer decided to do this to his hair and, fortunately for us, share this hilarious photo with the world. 

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This post shows him giving himself a haircut, a curly mohawk the only vestige of his long curls. Though the words on his picture say, “I’m fine,” the joke is that clearly, he is not. Looking back, it’s like a sign of things to come. But at the time, this was an entertaining post on social media that expressed the way a lot of us feel sometimes.

Historical Fiction

Sometimes it’s fun to pose and answer theoretical and impossible questions. We all can think of a fun idea of where we would go if we could travel through time. But most of us wouldn’t want to travel to a war-torn or impoverished country and era. Cue Bebe Rehxa’s response to one such question implies otherwise.

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True, Paris is known for its glitz and glamour, but not during the 1940s when it was occupied by Nazi Germany and subject to curfews, food shortages, and fear. Next time you answer a question on social media, best to think it through before you post it to the world, or at least take a history lesson.

Pulling a Fast One

One thing that Internet viewers are quick to notice is a doctored picture. Photoshop can be very impressive, but often it can be obvious when a pic is tampered with. We all want to look our best on our social media accounts, but lying to our followers isn’t cool. It’s important to promote the idea of a possible and realistic body image — not one that’s been edited. 

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Lindsey Lohan gave herself away, though, as followers quickly noticed the interesting shape of the door behind her. That’s a dead giveaway for photo editing gone wrong. There has been an uptick in praise and respect for actors and models who post-natural and unedited pics. Lohan’s fans would rather see that than a Photoshop hack.

Can’t Take it Back

We all make quick judgments and rash decisions, but Adam Levine posted a pretty funny one on Instagram after the MTV Video Music Awards aired. But like anything that gets released onto the Internet, he couldn’t take it back when he realized he posted on an absolutely faulty premise. 

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It’s a really funny apology/clarification tweet that Levine posts after he finds out that Childish Gambino was indeed nominated for multiple awards. The best part about it is that even though Levine comes right out and unabashedly calls himself out for being wrong, he doesn’t make any apologies to MTV, or Gambino and stands his ground. Hilarious and sassy. 

Queen B

Editing is everything. It can even make people disappear. These (almost) identical pictures were posted by Beyonce and Kelly Rowland in memory of R&B singer, Aaliyah, who had been the victim of a plane crash when she was just 22 years old. However, Rowland’s posted photo showed all three singers, whereas in Beyonce’s version, it’s just her and Aaliyah.

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Pretty harsh for the very famous Beyonce to crop out the lesser-known Rowland. Especially since the two were bandmates in Destiny’s Child. I guess nostalgia doesn’t run too deep for Sasha Fierce. While both singers were posting in memoriam, Rowland’s shows the full picture while Beyonce’s crops it. 


Jaden Smith, Will Smith’s son, has been known to post some odd tweets now and again. Some are Smith’s brand of wisdom in 120 characters or less. Some are musings on life, and some don’t make much sense at all. He has posted some gems such as, “Hey guys, I might be crazy but I’m not a dolphin” and, “The more time you spend awake the more time you spend asleep.”

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This one is quite the doozy. Trying to follow the logic doesn’t work, maybe because I can’t get behind the “given” of the sentence. I’m pretty sure our eyes are real. Maybe Smith knows something we don’t? His post certainly doesn’t elicit the “ah-ha” that he may have intended. More like it elicits confusion.

April Fools

April first comes along each year with the possibility to dupe or prank those around us. Or for celebrities, those who follow us on social media. Back in 2013, Lindsey Lohan announced a pregnancy…and then proceeded to “take it back” and explain it away as an April Fools Day joke. 

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As some followers pointed out, her initial post came out on April 2nd, not April 1st, which would negate her April Fool’s Day joke excuse. As a result of the confusion, many fans questioned what was actually going on with Lohan at the time. Fans did not appreciate the “joke.”

Spell Check

Celebrity tweets of congratulations don’t always land well, even though they might be well-intended. When Malala Yousafzai won the Nobel Peace Prize at the young age of 17, Naomi Campbell congratulated her on the public platform, praising her and her accomplishments. However, spelling Malala as Malaria, an infectious disease, wasn’t what the model intended.

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Misspelling the young Pakistani women’s rights activist turned Campbell’s post from something praising Yousafzai into somewhat of a joke. It just goes to prove how important spelling is, and how important proofreading is, too. Best to make sure everything’s right before you post it for all your followers to see.

Hey, Mr Policeman

It’s always fun to get a pic from a night out, especially when you’re doing something cool you’ve never done before. Only, best to know that everything is legal when you post a pic. Otherwise, you might end up like Rhianna, who posted this pic from her vacation in Thailand and ended up providing incriminating evidence for the police.

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Turns out the primate on Rhianna’s shoulder is called a slow loris, and actually not legal for using as a tourist trap on the street in Thailand. Funny enough, the police commented that Rhianna’s post helped them locate the illegally owned animal. I guess she didn’t realize that what she thought was innocent fun would help Thailand’s police force solve a crime. 

Social Distancing, Social Shmitancing

October 2020 probably saw a lot of occasions go uncelebrated. Birthdays were zoomed, and even weddings were canceled, postponed, or toned down. But it looks like Kendal Jenner still held a rager for her 25th birthday. The reality TV star invited 100 people to a rooftop club in Hollywood and asked everyone not to post on social media. 

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This request was made as Jenner anticipated the backlash she would soon receive if pics of her not-so socially distanced party got out. But photos were eventually leaked and fans were not very happy with her. Followers commented that Jenner threw a big bash while others were following the rules. 

Oh, Gosh

This one’s gotta make you roll your eyes. Chet Hanks, son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, and actor in his own right has often posted things that make people, in the very least, upset. And they certainly have the right to be bothered. One such prime example is the Instagram post pictured here where he used the hashtag #WhiteBoySummer.

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At best you could say, “what was he thinking,” at worst you could take much offense, as some followers rightfully did. It’s never cool to tout racism as a funny or normal thing to uphold. And after his post, Hanks got a lot of negative attention, which eventually was turned into a meme and punchline. 

A Genuine Person

Madison Prewett was a contestant on The Bachelor and made it to runner up. In addition to the many people who started following her on Instagram after her fifteen minutes of fame, it looks like Prewett made some fake accounts in order to up her number of followers and post nice comments on her posts.

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The best part isn’t even the fact that she was caught in the act, as seen in this Instagram thread. It’s that her post was giving herself praise for being “genuine” and “real,” two things that don’t go hand in hand with creating fake accounts. This one gave us a good laugh.

He Has a Point

Ever have a shower thought or a question that pops into your head right before you fall asleep? This post by Kevin Durant seems like one of those thoughts. His tweet pointed out that scientists can’t quite know things when they don’t experience them directly. An interesting theory, but definitely not accurate.

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We do enjoy the skepticism he seems to be giving the entire scientific world. Although, there are quite a lot of things scientists can’t figure out or see without having to be there IRL. But personally, I think the most amusing part of the post is that Durant says he’s watching the History Channel in the club. What club is he at?

The Invisible Man

When rumors flew about Chris Pratt being against the LGBTQ community, his co-stars defended him on social media, denying the claims of his haters. Robert Downey Jr. posted a photo of him and Chris on set, but for some reason edited Tom Holland right out of the middle of the photo.

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This seems to be a common theme among celebrity posts. It’s not the first time we saw someone throw shade at another with an edited or cropped photo. I guess there were no other photos of just Downey Jr. and Pratt that he could have posted? Seems like a simple solution, no?

She Actually Said That?

Remember the fight between Rhianna and Beyonce back in 2016? Maybe it was a publicity stunt by the singers’ PR managers, or maybe the two really got into it, but this post by Rhianna certainly backs up the latter theory. Someone’s got to be pretty mad to post a tweet like that.

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And with a photo to back it up, Riri tells the world that she had hooked up with Jay-Z, we’re just hoping it was before he and Beyonce were married. Things can get ugly between any two people when they fight, but it looks like things heated up real quick between these two singers. 

Too Honest

Looks like this post was unsolicited, which makes it all the more confusing. Kevin Hart is essentially testifying to a time where he was pulled over for a DUI and was found absolutely guilty of driving while intoxicated.

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Getting pulled over is usually a game of trying to convince the cop you never meant to and never will do the illegal maneuver again. But for Hart, he was beyond lying, and happily complied with the police, without wasting any time or resources. While he should definitely not have been driving under the influence in the first place, at least he made the ticketing process easy.

Caught Red Handed

Talk about self-incrimination. When Robin Thicke posted this pic from the VMAs, I’d bet he didn’t realize there was a mirror right behind him when he took the picture with a fan. Looks like someone on social media highlighted Thicke’s too-touchy hand. No one made him post this pic, but there it is.

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Apparently, Thicke’s wife wasn’t too happy with this photo (among other things) as the couple split a few months later. Nothing like incriminating yourself on your own social media post. Good luck talking yourself out of that one. Photos don’t lie. We can all learn a lesson, which is not only to keep our hands to ourselves but also to glance over our pics before we post.

Recipe for Disaster

Martha Stuart has the know-how for just about anything when it comes to cooking, hosting, and decorating. But her tech game might need a little help, as she one time tweeted a solitary word: “Oil.” While this looks like a classic case of publishing a draft too soon, it’s also pretty funny that this one word made it onto Stuart’s tweets.

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Hopefully, no one on Stuart’s social media team got fired or demoted for that faux-pas. I’m also pretty curious as to what recipe or set of instructions was meant to be posted instead of that one word. My guess: it probably contained some oil. That means it could have pretty much been anything.

It’s Just a Game

Olympic medalists generally earn our respect. Considering they do physical feats that we probably would never be able to do, they are pretty impressive. Of course, they aren’t perfect. Ryan Lochte, for instance, won gold medals for swimming at the Olympics but also posted this head-scratcher on Twitter.

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Sure, maybe there was context here that would make sense, but misspelling the word “scissor” immediately calls for disqualification. True, it’s a tricky word to spell, but when posting to social media, spell check, people! We’ve seen too many spelling errors, but still can’t give him a free pass. Stick to swimming, Lochte. Spelling ain’t your thing!

Is that Really You?

This one makes us think that someone got a hold of Solange Knowles’ Twitter account. Not sure if the singer-songwriter really wanted to let us know about her itchy thumb and sweat. Come to think of it, what does Spongebob fever even mean? This one just makes us scratch our heads.

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Sometimes a post is so strange we speculate that either the person posting was under the influence or their account was hacked. Not sure what was up with Knowles when this post came out, but it definitely drew a reaction from followers. I guess we’ll just keep it a mystery about what she meant.

Call Me by My Name

We’re all used to our grandparents asking us how they can post a tweet on Facebook, right? But we’d expect more from a young celeb like Lindsey Lohan. Her very first tweet on Twitter had her greeting everyone on her Facebook page. That’s a mistake that almost looks purposeful, as it would be hard to mix up the two social media platforms when you create a new account on one.

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This was definitely not the first time that Lohan has posted something to make her followers shake their heads, nor would it be the last. But we hope by now she’s figured out the difference between all the social media posts. Keep the pics of your lunch on Instagram and your most important comments for Twitter. Everything has its place.

Fake it ‘Til You… Are Busted

What’s cooler than traveling in style on a private jet? That’s pretty much the ultimate coup as a celeb, as it costs thousands just to leave the ground on a private plane. However, it looks like rapper Bow Wow was pulling a fast one on his fans when he posted a pic of a private jet to his Instagram but was later spotted flying on a regular commercial flight that same day.

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Of course, once this was called out online, Bow Wow stated that he wasn’t claiming he was flying private, only that he posted a pic of a private jet. Sounds like a good story, bro. It’s always better to be honest on social media. Or at least not go out of your way to be dishonest.

Eye See You

Sometimes celeb tweets elicit bad reactions from fans, PR managers, or producers. For whatever reason, sometimes they delete posts. Of course, anything that gets onto the Internet never actually gets deleted. Like this post by Taylor Swift. While this post was obviously a joke, it could have been deleted for multiple reasons.

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Maybe Swift didn’t want fans to take her seriously and hurt themselves by using sharpies on their eyes. Maybe her manager told her that the post didn’t work with her image. Whatever the reason, this tweet was taken down, but, as we’re proving, can never be truly taken back. Yet another warning about posting online.

The Rest is History

This one is so funny and kind of sweet! 15-year-old Haily Beiber apparently supported her now-husband, Justin Beiber, and his girlfriend at the time, Selena Gomez in their on-again-off-again relationship. So funny to think that a fan of the two would end up meeting, dating, and marrying one of them. Lucky for us, Twitter is a platform where we can see Beiber’s posts before she even knew her husband.

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Rom-coms have meet-cutes, will-they won’t-they themes, and love/hate relationships. But this real post from 2011 takes the cake, as Beiber chimed in on the famous couple before she would meet and marry one of them. The best part is her support of their relationship. If this doesn’t make you laugh and then say, “aww,” what will?

The Customer is Always Right

Kanye West has been known to post some opinionated Tweets and statements. However, this one is just plain funny. Sounds like a good example of a first-world problem he’s complaining about. I guess it’s harder than he thinks to get cherub imagery on a Persian rug? Who knew?

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While we might not feel the agitation that West clearly feels about his rug, I think we can appreciate the humor in his irate post. It’s pretty annoying when items we order online show up looking different than we thought they would. I’m just not sure I would post about it on my Twitter.

Funny Peepole

This post reminds me of being so tired and anything and everything is funny. Either that or Kim Kardashian was in a skeptical state when she posted this. We’ve all had those random thoughts where we discovered something strange about the English language or the way the world works. But usually, we don’t tweet about these things.

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English is a complex and sometimes nonsensical language (how can tear and tear be pronounced differently while tear and tier are pronounced the same?) but I don’t think Kardashian was onto something. True, the spelling of the word, “people” is something that isn’t so intuitive, but I don’t think Kardashian will be making any changes to the dictionary any time soon.

Jaden on Strike

Jaden Smith has so many great tweets that he couldn’t be limited to appear just once on this list. This time, he’s taking on the entire schooling system and making a pretty bold claim. I’m pretty sure education is supposed to lead to people being more…educated. But who knows? 

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It seems directly proportional that the more educated people in a society, the more educated the society is. However, as usual, Smith has his own take on things, which he freely shares with his followers on the Internet. I wonder what his own experience with school was like to prompt this tweet. 

Ryan the Comedian

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are one of our favorite Hollywood couples, as their social media game is strong with funny and clever jokes about each other and themselves. Constantly taking digs at each other makes them the funniest celeb couple and the most entertaining social media posters. This tweet, for instance, doesn’t let us down.

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The best part about Lively and Reynold’s posts is that they joke about things that they clearly love. They are “couple goals” for the rest of us and are loved by pretty much everyone. And though Ryan jokes about the freedom that his wife and daughter “stole,” we know it’s all in good fun and that the three are a happy family.

Responsibility Isn’t for Everyone

What does this even mean, Kanye? Sometimes you want to post a solid, relatable post. Something that followers will see and say, “me too!” or “so relatable!” But in this case, I believe no one can relate to Kanye West’s statement. No, I’ve never had that happen to me on a flight, not sure about everyone else.

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Sometimes celebs miss the boat with the “relatable” post because they are usually wealthy and famous and might not capture the daily struggles others do. But in this case, Kanye’s post makes no sense not because it’s unattainable, but because why would anyone feel pressure from having a water bottle on a plane? Are we missing something?

Voted Off the Island

A little while back, Kylie Jenner and then best friend, Jordyn Woods had a falling out due to a scandal that involved Woods hooking up with Jenner’s sister — Khloe Kardashian’s — baby daddy and then-boyfriend, Tristan Thompson. The two besties split, and Woods was essentially shunned from the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan. This kind of drama is usually all over social media (looking at you, Rhianna and Beyonce). 

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But with Jenner and Woods, it wasn’t splattered all over their social media accounts. However, this post by Woods called out Jenner (and all the Kardashians) for kicking her to the curb. Choose your friends (and enemies) wisely, Woods. It’s never good for your image to anger one of the most influential families in the world.

Questions to Keep us Up at Night

Another shower thought from one of our favorite Tweeters. This one is so random that it makes us wonder, does Kim Kardashian have a secret life in a crime or a hidden twin out there that we are unaware of? Either way, this is a pretty random observation to put on the web. 

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Again, Kardashian’s tweets don’t come off as scholarly, but rather make us wonder how she even thought of them. Maybe an episode of Criminal Minds or CSI had Kardashian’s mind spinning. Whatever the reason, it’s pretty entertaining to think of Kardashian puzzling over biology. Incidentally, even identical twins have different fingerprints that could be found at a crime scene. Does that answer her question?

That Got too Real

Some people use Twitter or other social media platforms to speak their minds or rant about something that’s bothering them. Celebs do the same. We’ve already seen some vent their frustrations or speak their minds on their profiles, but this Tweet from Cher seems a bit off, and not in a funny way.

While it may be funny when celebrities like Ryan Reynolds use self-deprecating humor, Cher seems to be calling out herself in a way that isn’t so funny, and even a little uncomfortable. No one likes a Debbie Downer. Instead of assessing your career on a very public platform, better to do that introspection in your own time.

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