The Black Sea Princess Slept In An Ancient Tomb Full Of Treasures, Causing The Two Countries To Dispute Today

The 2,000-year-old tomb is located on the Black Sea peninsula (Crimea), containing the body of a prehistoric princess and 500 gold treasures. Ukraine and Crimea are in dispute over this treasure.

The Black Sea Princess, part of an expedition to explore an ancient tomb, is said to have slept overnight in the tomb and caused a dispute between Bulgaria and Romania today. The two countries are now disputing whether or not she actually slept in the tomb and if so, what kind of treasures were there. This dispute highlights one of the challenges that archaeologists face when exploring old tombs – determining whether something is true or not.

An archaeological exhibit in the Netherlands has revealed a portrait of a Scythian princess, who lived around the 1st century AD. The Scythians were a nomadic people who roamed Europe and Asia during that time.

Some gold artifacts unearthed from ancient tombs – photo: KP

At the end of her life, she was buried on the Black Sea peninsula, in present-day Crimea (which was annexed by Russia from Ukraine in 2014), wearing up to 140 exquisite gold jewelry, a moon ring on her head. Cinnamon is also gold. However, what archaeologists are most interested in is a pair of golden eyes placed on her chest, an unsolved puzzle.

Sketch of the princess lying in the grave. Archaeologists have placed some jewelry on the correct position where she wore it – photo: NTS-TV

The remains of the princess – photo: Alexander Trufanov

The way the princess was buried was very different from the Scythian burial sites, because the tombs usually contained at least a few remains, while the princess lay alone. According to experts, this may be due to her noble status.

A lot of gold jewelry is buried with her – photo: Alexander Trufanov

The jewelry worn by the dead is remarkable for their sophistication, most notably a ring inlaid with translucent carnelian stones, engraved with the god Eros and a dog.

In addition to jewelry, many other gold artifacts were also buried, bringing the total number of gold artifacts to 500 of the 2,000 items unearthed from the ancient tomb.

Alma, the location of the excavation of ancient tombs – photo: DAILY MAIL

Next to her is a vase, which can be used to store wine, an incense burner and a flagpole made of agarwood.

A Russian archaeological team has excavated this ancient tomb and is displaying artifacts in the Netherlands.

Currently, the Ukrainian side is in a legal dispute to own this collection of artifacts with an insurance value of up to 1.7 million pounds, while the Russian side believes that all should be returned to Crimea, her homeland. Princess.

Where is the Black Sea peninsula (Crimea)?

The Black Sea peninsula (Crimea) is located on the eastern coast of Ukraine. It is about long and wide. The peninsula has a population of about 2 million people. The peninsula is surrounded by water on three sides:
The Black Sea

The Crimean Peninsula is a Russian territory that was part of the Soviet Union until it was annexed by Russia in May 2014.

Ukraine claims the entire peninsula as its own, while Russia asserts that Crimea is an autonomous region with its own cultural heritage.

The dispute over Crimea has caused significant problems between the two countries and led to the current dispute over eastern Ukraine.


Today, the Black Sea Princess sleeps in an ancient tomb full of treasures, causing the two countries to dispute today. While this is a fictional story, it reflects some of the more recent disputes between states over territory and resources. Disputes over land and natural resources are common worldwide and can lead to wars. By understanding how these disputes happen and what factors can contribute to them, we can better prepare ourselves for when they do happen.

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