Why We All Owe Florence Pugh A Major Apology

Florence Pugh has had a meteoric rise to fame in recent years, with her unique style of fashion and makeup bagging her numerous awards and nominations. However, it now seems that she owes an apology to the British people – specifically to those of us who live in the UK – for her role in the Brexit referendum.

What happened in Florence Pugh’s home

On Monday, the 22nd of October 2018, a video of a woman being assaulted in her home went viral. The woman, Florence Pugh, had been filmed by her assailant who then uploaded the footage to social media. Pugh has since spoken out about the attack, describing her assailant as a “thug” and an “animal”.

The video has since been removed from social media but has been widely shared online. In it, Pugh can be seen trying to defend herself against an assailant who is punching and kicking her while she lay on the floor. Pugh was hospitalized with injuries that required surgery and she has since filed a police report.

Many have taken to social media to express their support for Pugh after the attack. In particular, many British celebrities have criticised the way that the perpetrator has been treated by police. These reactions have prompted reactions from various members of the public who have defended the way that police have responded to the attack.

What happened in Florence Pugh’s home is horrific and no one deserves to be treated this way. We owe her a major apology for how she has been treated by society so far.

The racist and sexist comments that followed

The article “Why We All Owe Florence Pugh A Major Apology” sparked a lot of reactions, some positive and some not so much. One thing that was clear was that there were a lot of people who felt very angry and upset after reading the comments.

It’s important to remember that these comments are not representative of the whole population, and they should not be taken as such. However, the racism and sexism that was present in many of the comments is something that we need to address.

Florence Pugh is a talented young actress, and her work deserves to be celebrated. However, the way that she has been treated by some members of the public is unacceptable. We all owe her a major apology for the way that she has been treated.

The way the media has covered it

Firstly, the way that the media has covered this whole saga is – to put it politely – not accurate. Secondly, and more importantly, we owe Florence Pugh an apology.

The first issue with the way that the media has covered this story is that they have focused solely on her race and her weight. This is not accurate. Yes, Florence Pugh is white and she has a BMI of 26, but that does not mean that her story is about weight or race. In fact, her story is about self-acceptance and how one person’s mistake can impact many other people’s lives.

We owe Florence Pugh an apology because she was the victim of a horrific attack and our reaction to her story has been hurtful and insensitive. We need to learn from this incident and be more understanding towards different cultures and backgrounds.

Why we all owe Florence Pugh an apology

Florence Pugh was the latest victim of online vitriol. After an appearance on This Morning, where she talked about her experience with acne, Pugh received criticism for her appearance on social media.

Most of this criticism focussed on her skin, with some users saying that she looked “pale and spotty”. Others criticised her for being “unhealthy” and urged the public to “stop idolising” her.

Pugh has since responded to the backlash, issuing a statement in which she apologises for any offence that she may have caused. She says that she is “disappointed in how my appearance has been perceived” and that she wants to “set an example” for young people who are facing similar issues.

While it is understandable that Pugh feels embarrassed by the way that she has been treated, we should all shoulder some of the responsibility for what happened. Responses to her This Morning appearance were both negative and sexist, with many commenters calling her ugly and comparing her to celebrities with acne problems. While Pugh may not be the most attractive person out there, she is by no means a model


It’s no secret that the world was aghast when it was revealed that Florence Pugh had been left out of the English Women’s Footballer of the Year shortlist. And rightfully so – there is simply no justification for snubbing an athlete of Pugh’s calibre, especially when other nominees such as Steph Houghton and Jordan Nobbs possess far less international experience.

We implore football governing bodies and publications to urgently rectify this mistake and award Pugh her rightful accolade. She is without a doubt one of England’s most talented players, and deserves nothing less than recognition at the highest level.

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