Woman Refuses To Take Her Bag Off The Seat In A Store And Gets Taught A Lesson

To go from point A to point B, many individuals rely on public transportation. It is common knowledge that persons who use public transportation should be considerate of others. This is because it has the potential to make everyone’s experience more enjoyable and hassle-free. If you’ve ever taken public transportation, you know how limited seats are, so finding a free seat is always a blessing. Taking two spaces, on the other hand, can be excessive, especially during rush hour. This woman evidently missed the memo and has suffered as a result.

Without Tolerance

‘If this woman is taken off, we get another seat,’ yelled a neighboring passenger. The police standing nearby were clearly getting irritated. This may appear extreme at first, but it makes sense if you hear the entire narrative.

Train Etiquette

Every day, a large number of individuals crowd into public transportation. As a result, there are tacit standards to follow when riding buses, trams, or trains. When this woman failed to follow the regulations, everyone on one particular train felt she needed to learn her lesson.

Hours of Congestion

Jessica Huit was just like any other employee trying to go home after a long day at work. She was well-versed in the streets of New York City and a frequent rider of public transportation, claiming to have seen practically everything on these trains.

An Inconvenient Situation

When riding by train during rush hour, being a passenger might become very uncomfortable. In some circumstances, you may have difficulty finding a seat since others are already occupying one. However, one person should never occupy two seats.

Looking for a Place to Seat

Jessica had been fatigued by the time she boarded the train. She was aware that it would be crowded due to the fact that it was rush hour. She still wanted to hunt for an open seat because her train ride would be over an hour long and she wanted to be sat for it.

An Available Seat

Jessica discovered an empty seat in the last car, next to a young woman, after searching for a long time. She looked around at everyone who was still standing and was puzzled why no one had taken a seat. It appeared to be in fine shape, however, it was covered with a bag.

Rude and Disrespectful

When people are confined in a small space with a large number of other people, they can engage in antisocial behavior. You may discover that the stress of a crowded train brings out the worst in people, as was the case today.

This is not an acceptable thing to do

Jessica approached the woman and asked if she could sit there while motioning to the vacant seat, which was against the rules. The woman had taken it upon herself to use that seat for a massive Louis Vuitton bag, which was preventing another passenger from sitting down.

A Fight

To Jessica’s surprise, the lady flatly refused her request while staring at her phone. She continued to talk on her phone, oblivious to Jessica’s presence. The train came to a halt at this point, and security personnel boarded.

The Police Officers

Jessica immediately found she wasn’t the only commuter to request and be denied a free seat. That was why the train had come to a halt so that the officers could enter the carriage. Everyone agreed to take a step back and watch.

Back off

When the officer boarded the train, she observed the woman and her purse. He told her to put it in the overhead trunk at that point. The officer’s hand was swatted away by the woman, who told him not to touch her belongings.

Maintaining Calmness

He chose to keep his cool after the woman’s unexpected outburst and offered to help her move her purse. He then asked the lady whether she would like someone to sit beside her. She didn’t want anyone around her, though.

The Train’s Delay

Everyone on the train was becoming increasingly irritated at this point. One man even claimed that the train was already late and that the woman was causing everyone to be late. This, however, did not deter the woman. She was adamant about it.


Everyone seemed to be saying that the woman was being inconsiderate as the displeasure grew. There were no empty seats; the only standing room was available. The officer’s patience was wearing thin, as everyone could see.


The officer realized he needed to be straightforward and tough as a result of the woman’s actions. The passengers were becoming increasingly irritated. That’s when he told her she needed to take her suitcase off the train or he’d take her off.

The Courage

This is when the woman raised her eyes to the audience and stated that they did not need to sit because they were neither pregnant or disabled. She went on to say that she disliked their odor and that she considered them disgusting.

Taking Control

As if that wasn’t enough, the lady went on to say that she was claiming her own space on the train. Other passengers, on the other hand, retorted that this wasn’t her space. The man’s calm had quickly deteriorated.

Getting Started

He instructed her to get off the train since his patience had run out. It was past time for the woman to leave because she had refused to cooperate with the male. As you might guess, the woman was horrified that someone would do this to her.

Refusing to Give Up

The woman refused to listen to what the man had to say. She was taken aback that someone would call her out on her disrespectful behavior, but that didn’t stop her. She was already 25 minutes late for the train at this point.

The Shameful Walk

The other officers began making gestures in the direction of the woman. As she climbed to her feet with her luggage in hand, all the lady could do was roll her eyes and shake her head. The lady then exited the train, followed by the officers.

Went Online

Another passenger videotaped the entire incident and posted it online. The video went viral, and viewers were eager to comment on how entitled the woman in the train was. One individual even went so far as to say that it’s the ideal illustration of someone who is simply selfish.

The Reaction of the Audience

One YouTube user said that they’re glad someone recorded the situation since her poor behavior would likely follow her for a long time as a result of the video. Another participant mentioned that many people suffer from invisible illnesses that require them to sit, which she was taking away from them.

New Jersey Transit

Following the now-viral video footage of the incident, an NJ Transit official stated, “We encourage customers to make each seat accessible by placing any baggage on their laps or in the overhead luggage racks while also complying with the train staff.”

Taking Up Her Place

Jessica was motioned to take her seat by another commuter after the woman was taken from the train. The officer had given the go-ahead for the train to resume its journey. Jessica was moved by the stranger’s thoughtful gesture of offering her a seat.

The City’s Life

Jessica has lived in New York City for years, but this was one of the strangest situations she has ever witnessed. Fortunately, she hasn’t witnessed any more greedy behavior since then. However, she must continue to look for open seats, which is a cost of living in the city.

Negative Experiences

We’ve all had a negative experience with public transportation at some point. The majority of the time, these terrible situations are the result of someone being unreasonable. It frequently involves an unpleasant child.

Acquiring a Lesson

For any commuter, riding the subway may be rather unnerving. Finding a seat is usually tough, and you’re only allowed to take one if one becomes available. However, this small youngster was unaware that he was taking up the equivalent of three people’s space.

Inattentive Passengers

The unfortunate reality of public transportation is that not everyone is considerate. These public transportation options are ideal for folks who do not own a car. Some commuters, on the other hand, may not feel obligated to show respect to others while utilizing public buses or trains.

Harsh Persons

Trains and buses have quickly devolved into a dog-eat-dog environment. These public transit systems have the potential to expose some really unpleasant people who have no regard for others. You may have encountered a few of these individuals while using these modes of transportation.


You can come across anything offensive when riding the bus or train. In this enclosed place, many people are surrounded by each other, which is why you may see people who offend you.


A passenger may refuse to give up their seat for someone in the priority seating category in rare situations. This could include people who are disabled, pregnant, or old. Otherwise, they may pile their belongings on an open seat, preventing others from taking a seat.


As previously said, selfish riders believe they have the authority to break the unspoken laws of public transit. Overall, they believe it is OK to take up more space than is necessary, and they refuse to give up the extra seat when asked gently.

Calm Down

Individuals can react in a variety of ways to these events. Some may wish to maintain the peace, while others may choose to be obnoxious in order to make their point. Everyone approaches these difficulties in their own unique way.

In search of a problem

There’s no way these self-centered and entitled passengers can do what they’re capable of. They may spring to their feet and attempt to fight you. Do you think it’s worth it to get into a physical altercation in order to get a seat on a bus or train?

A Tweet That Has Gone Viral

When a commuter spotted the incident, they immediately published it on social media. This article has since received over 47,000 retweets, 130,000 likes, and thousands of comments. The young youngster was undoubtedly taught a valuable lesson.

Bringing Back Trust

Many people commented on the Twitter post supporting the dad who stood up to the little boy’s entitled behavior. This deed, according to many, restored their confidence in humanity. However, this was not the finest part.

Keeping Notable Memories

As he sat in this space, the youngster was occupying enough seats for three individuals. Those taking the train during rush hour may find this to be a substantial annoyance. That’s why one man decided it was time to call it quits.

Disregarding the requests of others

Everyone on the train who saw the boy could tell he was lost in his own little world. The request to sit normally on the seat and let others fill the empty space had gone unheeded by him. This prompted one person to take action.

An Unpraised Hero

He sat on the boy’s legs without hesitation, as if he didn’t think twice about it. He didn’t hurt anyone, but he did draw the boy’s attention and teach him some metro manners.

Proper Behavior on the Subway

A few others questioned the man’s actions. His remark, however, had the desired effect, and the youngster moved his legs. When it comes to public transportation, if a person refuses to reason, like the man did, you must adopt a different approach.

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