Moments When Payback Was Worth It

When something upsetting happens, we all have this uncontrolled urge to get back at the person responsible for it – we just can’t help it. While most of us come up with little schemes and pranks in our heads, knowing we’d never have the courage to execute them, the people in the list below have gone through with their revenge plan, which will not only make you laugh, but might give you some ideas.

1. Parking trouble

No one likes looking for parking, and after going in circles for fifteen minutes, sitting in the hot car, we all get agitated and impatient. It’s always the most stressful part of driving, and it gets even worse when you can’t seem to find parking because of bad drivers who double park or park outside the lines, in complete disregard of other people.

In crowded parking lots it can get so bad, people have gone into physical fights over parking spaces. When this shopper couldn’t find parking because of the inconsiderate person who parked over the lines, he decided he was done leaving useless notes, and he was going to teach him a lesson about parking that he would never forget – and so he zip-tied a shopping cart to his car. That’s an act of revenge we’d never think of.

2. This is not a note

Growing up, our moms used to send us to school with a boxed lunch and an endearing note wishing us a lovely day. This is a sweet gesture when we’re young, but all children get to a point when they stop finding these gestures sweet and start seeing them as childish and redundant. When this kid asked his mother to stop with the notes, she didn’t take it very well.

It might be hard for parents to accept that their kids are growing up and they might not need them as much as they used to. This mother respected her son’s request, but she made sure he knows how she felt about it, as she attached to his lunch a note saying this wasn’t a note, but a poor choice of napkin.

3. Revenge is best served cold

Coffee cream is a privilege not all offices carry, and if you want to enjoy coffee with cream in the morning you might have to bring your own creamer. This woman was sick and tired of the person drinking her coffee cream all week, and she decided that simply talking to them about it wasn’t enough – she wanted to get her revenge.

Of course, we don’t know for a fact that she really replaced the coffee cream with her breast milk, but it doesn’t even matter – the person who has been drinking her coffee cream only needs to think he was drinking her breast milk, and this thought alone is enough to teach him a lesson. He wouldn’t take any chances with her beverages from now on.

4. Neighborly behavior

Sharing your apartment with a stranger is difficult, but also sharing your building with a number of strangers. We live in a society, and so we must be considerate of our neighbors – even if we don’t particularly like them – and vice versa; sadly, that isn’t always the case. Dealing with noisy neighbors is tricky since you don’t want to get into conflicts with the people you live with and have to see almost on a daily basis.

When their downstairs neighbors were being too loud time after time, partying day and night, these people decided to shame them: they covered their windows with sticky notes saying they are loud and inconsiderate. The loud neighbors clearly didn’t take this complaint seriously, and copied their note, with an addition of a meme-Spongebob character, mocking them.

5. Sneaking around

No matter how much they pick on each other, siblings will always love each other to the moon and back, and they’ll always have each other’s backs. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why they pick on each other – they do it out of love, and deep down they know it’s harmless, as it could never bring them apart.

This girl was asking her brother over and over to stop playing video games and help her clean the house, and when he refused, she finally decided to throw his video games to the snake’s cage – she knows better than anyone her brother is secretly terrified of this snake. That was a smart move, and we’re pretty sure next time he would help her with the house chores.

6. Sorry not sorry

They say that going to bed angry is a bad idea, and this photo is proof of that. After this couple had gotten into a heated argument, they went to bed angry, and come morning, things seemed a lot clearer – this guy knew exactly what he needed to do to get back at his girlfriend. He prepared her lunch to take to the office, allegedly, as an apology.

Only when she took a bite of that sandwich did she realize this was not an apology-sandwich and that their argument was far from over. He wasn’t sorry for the sandwich, and he wasn’t sorry for last night’s argument, saying those things about her friends.

7. Wrap it up

For some men, their car is their most important possession; in extreme cases, it becomes more than a possession for them, but a beloved family member. When this woman found out her husband has cheated on her, she immediately knew how to hurt him the way he had hurt her – get revenge on his beloved car.

However, she didn’t wreck it or damage it, as most people would probably do, but she made sure he couldn’t get to it without putting in a lot of effort. She wrapped his car with layers on top of layers of saran wrap, and we can only imagine it took him hours to get it free, hopefully for him, it wasn’t damaged in the process. If you ask us, she let him off easy.

8. At least it’s jam

We all know how frustrating it can be going around in circles and not being able to find a parking spot, but that doesn’t excuse people parking on the crosswalk. The crosswalk, as the name suggests, is meant for walking – not for parking. While most people who see a car parked on a crosswalk would probably curse it and walk away, this woman decided to do something about it.

Just because you have a fancy car doesn’t mean you’re entitled to park anywhere you want, and so this woman, coming out of the shopping mall to see this car parked on the crosswalk, decided to do something about it – but what could she do? She took out the groceries she’d just bought and covered the car with strawberry jam. We don’t encourage this kind of behavior, but sometimes, there’s just no way around it.

9. Think before you ink

It’s a very common gesture of love to have your partner’s name or face inked on your body. However, if you decide to get a permanent tattoo of your partner – especially one this big – it’s important to make sure you will stay together forever because unlike your partner, who might disappear one day, the tattoo isn’t going anywhere.

After this man got a tattoo of his girlfriend’s face, it turned out this relationship wasn’t meant to be, and the couple broke up. Instead of having the tattoo removed, which is a long, expensive and painful process, he decided it would be less painful to paint over the tattoo and turn his ex-girlfriend into the devil. We’re not sure how effective this revenge is, since they might never see each other again, while he’s the one who has to live with a devil on his arm.

10. An important tip

While tipping is important for waiters, as sometimes this is the only salary they receive, sometimes the service is so disgraceful that we feel as if we shouldn’t leave a tip if only to make a point. When these people received bad service at the pub, they debated whether or not they should leave a tip, and decided on a creative solution.

While they ended up doing the right thing and leaving a tip, they made sure the waiter received their message that the service was bad: they put the money inside a full shot glass, meaning that the bills would be soaking wet, and if the waiter wants to get them out, he can’t do it without creating a mess.

11. The customer is always right

There’s almost nothing more frustrating than waiting for service at a restaurant, and it gets worse and worse the hungrier you get. People can get pretty reckless and impatient when they’re hungry, and waiting for service for over 30 minutes is not reasonable. We try to be patient with waiters since we know they have a lot on their plates, but sometimes enough is enough.

This group of people waited patiently for 30 minutes without having a single waiter acknowledge them or approach them, until they finally decided to leave, not without giving them a piece of their mind – in the form of ketchup and mustard. As they were cleaning this table, the waiters had a chance to think of their work etiquette. Who’s right in this situation?

12. Not cool, Sonic

Dissing on your competition is a popular marketing strategy, and Sonic drive-in sure seems to believe in it. We’re not sure whether or not this is an act of revenge against McDonald’s, who perhaps started this rivalry, but either way, it doesn’t seem like the two fast-food chains care for each other. To promote their own place, Sonic workers feel the need to belittle their competition.

However, it seems like not everyone is on board with this petty rivalry, as these workers were told to take down the original sign. Perhaps their next retribution will be against the evil corporation who made them take down their hilarious sign. We hope to see more of them soon.

13. Taking it to the next level

You know your petty neighbors’ feud has gone to the next level when your neighbor goes out of this way to mow the lawn in a shape that says “a-hole” big enough to be seen from a Google Maps satellite. You can look it up – a person in Sequim, Washington, mowed his lawn to point this message at a neighbor’s house.

We wonder what his neighbor could have possibly done to upset him this much and drive him to do something like this. He went through all this trouble to make sure that whoever happens to look at this area on Google Maps will know that his neighbor is an a-hole. We’ve heard of neighbors’ feuds before, but this kind of reaction is something we’re never seen.

14. Enjoyed your shower?

There comes a time in every relationship when the couple moves in together, and only at this point does the man learn how much hair women leave in the shower. It’s something women manage to keep a secret until they share a shower with a man. It seems only fair that the woman – the one with all this hair – would be the one to clean the drain, but that’s not what usually happens.

Somehow it’s the man who’s always stuck with this messy job, although it’s the woman’s hair. This guy had enough of cleaning his girlfriend’s hair every week, and he decided to give her a taste of what it feels like. After cleaning the drain, he left her a special message, using all the hair he got out – yes, it was that much, and he didn’t even use all of it.

15. The taste of revenge

Food thieves are a known phenomenon around offices, and it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere. People have tried labeling their food with their names, but even that doesn’t seem to keep them away. This person kept bringing fresh doughnuts to the office, only to find that someone has eaten them without even asking. After the third time, he had found a way to keep people away from his doughnuts.

Mustard is good, doughnuts are good, so according to this logic (Joey’s logic), there’s no reason why doughnuts with mustard won’t be good, right? Well, we don’t want to find out. Doughnuts weren’t meant to be filled with mustard, and this seems like a classic office prank.

16. Bacon mouse

Workplace shenanigans are a common thing. We’ve all seen it in the sitcom The Office, and some of us have even experienced it first hand. There are plenty of pranks you can pull on coworkers, and there are plenty of ideas out there on how to get revenge on an annoying, lazy, or selfish coworker.

You can cover their work station in sticky notes, you can hide their staples or pens inside jello, and you can wrap their mouse in bacon. This must be one of the most creative payback ideas we’ve seen yet. How do people come up with these ideas?

17. Make a wish

That’s a sure way to ruin someone’s birthday. When we’re young, we wait all year for our birthday celebration; we wait for the presents, the constant attention and of course, the unlimited cake and candy. However, we reach a certain point in life when we’re no longer excited about our birthday, but rather we’re dreading it and the idea of getting older.

The only consolation left is the birthday cake. If you want to mess with a coworker, a friend or a family member who’s let you down or otherwise annoyed you, this is a sure way to get revenge. For all we know, there’s no toenail in this cake, but just writing it in the icing is enough to make us stay away from this cake and ruin someone’s birthday.

18. Something’s cooking

We’ve talked about annoying coworkers and rude neighbors, but dealing with inconsiderate roommates is the most difficult of all feuds. Unlike your coworkers, who you only see from nine to five, and your neighbors, who you can avoid, and inconsiderate roommate is something that’s truly hard to ignore. You know what our next words are going to be – you can either take the high road or have some fun with it.

This person wanted to get back at his roommate for taking his food without asking, and luckily for him, he knew his weak spot: ice cubes. He cooked something special to teach him a lesson. Although his roommate might never know he put hot dog water in his beverage, he can still consider this a small victory.

19. Not the car

Some guys care about their car so much, you know the way to get to them is through their car. This woman definitely knew how to get to her husband, or ex-husband; when she found out he was cheating on her, she trashed his car. We’re not sure this spray paint can be removed, and so his only options are to lose his car or drive around with this shameful massage following him everywhere he goes.

We think she’s found a creative way of letting her husband know they’re over – it’s not too messy, and it isn’t too mean – just the right amount. Every woman has another way of dealing with her partner’s infidelity, but we’ve noticed that cars are a recurring theme here when it comes to unfaithful partners.

20. No love

This is what it looks like when you get into a fight with your partner but you still love them. This girl was mad at her boyfriend, but for some reason, she still felt obligated to make his lunch, like she does every day. This isn’t much of revenge, since she still made him the sandwich, but at least she let him know she was not happy about it.

Perhaps this note will make him feel bad about himself, and that’s all the revenge she really needs, and perhaps there’s no revenge here after all – she simply wanted to let her boyfriend know how she feels. Either way, we feel like this conflict isn’t resolved, and they’re going to have a long conversation when they get home.

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